CENTAFLEX A (CF-A) series – Coupling Identification

Many people have problems identifying the correct spare parts needed for their machinery.

This handy guide will help you identify and order the correct Centaflex A (CF-A) Series Rubber Couplings.

Identification of size from rubber element.

Note the CENTAFLEX A series is a modular design, the same rubber element can be used with many different steel hubs to obtain different configurations. Identifying the rubber element does not determine the steel parts required. If hubs are required these also need to be identified.



When assembled it is difficult to distinguish between 0 and 0-S type coupling. From the face they look almost identical. When ordering replacement rubbers please be sure of the type required.



Coupling type identification. (Configuration).

CENTAFLEX A series coupling are available in several standard configurations, plus there are also many special
designs made specifically to suit many OEM applications. The standard ones are covered below.

Coupling Identification

Coupling basic dimensions.










Above are standard dimensions only, other dimensions are possible.

Hubs are stocked as blanks and can be machined with bore and keyway, spline and CENTALOC Clamp. If a machined hub is required details on machining need to be provided.

You may browse our full collection of CENTAFLEX A  Couplings here or if you prefer you can also check out the AFM versions here.