Welcome to e-rubber!

Since 1974 e-rubber has been involved in ‘manufacturing and trading’ of high quality rubber parts and couplings for industrial use, creating one of the first rubber manufacturing factories in Greece.

At our premises, we have the ability to produce a number of elastic components, both standardized and specially custom made, and through a wide network of partnerships with suppliers and factories, we are able to supply thousands of product codes in very short times.

We have worked with some of the largest companies in the field of marine, railway, agricultural and construction industry, covering their needs both for supplying replacement parts and custom-made manufacturing of premium quality reliable parts. We have clients, ranging from individuals to multinational corporations, in over 132 countries across 5 continents.

Having the know-how on rubber production, we have created a network of reliable producers and we can assure the quality of the products we sell by testing every part in-house.

Our internal manufacturing and sales procedures adhere to ISO 9001:2015 guidelines and we have been certified by ABS. Highly experienced with all rubber and rubber-metal couplings we can supply virtually any size and type with express worldwide shipping to help you get back to work quickly!

We also have the ability to reconstruct damaged or discontinued metal-elastic parts of any size. Find out more here.

If you need assistance with finding a particular part we encourage you to contact us so that our team can quickly find the item you need and ship it immediately.

We invite you to browse our selection of parts and couplings we distribute from companies including:

Some of our well known clients