Our 40 years of experience have enabled us to provide solutions for metal-elastic construction parts which have a high cost and long delivery times. We also provide reconstruction for discontinued parts which are no longer produced. We have the ability to re-construct metal-elastic parts of any size, from couplings, anti-vibration mounts, dampers, pulleys, clutches, etc. without any size limitation. Our quality guarantee are the satisfied customers who have trusted us all around the world.

The procedure followed (after the delivery time is agreed) is the following:

• Client sends the broken / malfunctioning part
• We estimate reconstruction and delivery time
• The rubber parts are removed using chemical, mechanical or thermal process
• The metal parts are cleaned through sandblasting, repaired where necessary and come to their
original state
• The mold is made with state-of-the-art CNC machine tools in our own facilities. After many years of
engaging with the sector we have already constructed a wide range of molds, which drastically reduce
time and cost of reconstructing.
• The new part is vulcanized with our own production compounds that meet the corresponding
mechanical and chemical properties of the genuine rubber components
• The part goes through quality control and gets balanced if needed

Some examples of our work

Renold Holset reconstruction
Towboat, Nigeria
Vulkan Rato S reconstruction
Cargo Ship Main Engine, U.S.A.
Spiroflex Rubber Elements
Towboat, Greece
Crankshaft Dampener Pulley
Old Marine Generator, Vietnam