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    Our Store

    4 Serron Street
    Athens, Akadimia Platonos
    10441, GR
    Email: [email protected]

    Contact Phone

    • Telephone:(+30) 210 5221 229
    • Fax:(+30) 210 5221 561
    • Mobile:(+30) 698 0595 949

    Hours of Operation

    • Monday: 9-5 PM
    • Tuesday: 9-5 PM
    • Wednesday: 9-5 PM
    • Thursday: 9-5 PM
    • Friday: 9-5 PM
    • Saturday: 10-13 PM
    • Sunday Closed


    If you’re interested in employment opportunities at E-Rubber, please email us: [email protected]


    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes. We ship to every country of the world! For more details see here.

    Where can I view my sales receipt?

    The receipt and confirmation of your order will be sent electronically to the email you have provided during checkout of the order. You can also find the history of your orders in the Account -> Orders section on our website.

    How can I return an item?

    You can see the policy and return terms in detail in the Return/Refund Policy section .

    Will I receive the same product that I see in the picture?

    You get the same product you see in the photos for all your orders that are made through our e-shop except when the item refers to a service (eg reconstruction) rather than a product.