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Arcusaflex VSK 35

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Reich Kupplungen (Arcusaflex) VSK Coupling

Available Versions:

Arcusaflex AC-VSK 35 EN
Arcusaflex AC-VSK 35 WN
Arcusaflex AC-VSK 35 NN

Reich Kupplungen (Arcusaflex) AC-VSK 35

Shore hardness of the rubber element version: EN = 50° Shore ; WN = 55° Shore ; NN = 65° Shore

Available Flanges

AC-VSK 35 F2.10.120
AC-VSK 35 F2.10.150
AC-VSK 35 F2.11,5.120
AC-VSK 35 F2.11,5.150
AC-VSK 35 F2.14.120
AC-VSK 35 F2.14.150


1Coupling flangeYtandard design spheroidal cast iron (GGG 40)
2Drive shaft connection flangeSteel (yield strength min. 360 MPa)
3Radial bearingMetal or plastic (maintenance-free)
4Thrust bearingComposite material (maintenance-free)
5Flexible elementRubber according to technical details
5a, 5bElement discsSteel
SKU: d5104dc5fc0a Categories: , ,
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